Video Player Muted

Depending on your browser or system/computer setup, an embedded video MAY start in a “Muted” state. See below on how to ensure the video is not muted.

Browser Tab Mute

Many browsers such as Chrome will allow you to mute a tab. Ensure the tab is not muted.

Please make sure to download and/or use of these web browsers listed below. If you’re using an old, outdated version of Internet Explorer (IE), the live stream will not show on the screen.

Video Test

If you can see and hear this video you should be able to see the livestream(s) when they occur.

Recommended Internet Speed

The recommended download speed to view/consume online videos and streaming sessions in HD is 5 Mbps Download (Some references will state 1-4 Mbps for video conferencing which is likely okay, but 5 Mbps will ensure the highest quality.) Anything more is great! Anything less and you run the chance of degraded quality/performance.

Testing Your Internet Speed

To test your internet speed, click here. Again, you should be at least 5 Mbps (download) while 10 or more is great!

Here is a good article that discusses different internet speeds and what to do and expect.

Video Test Page

To confirm your internet connection and ability to watch the streaming sessions, click here.

What if It’s Not Enough?

Other devices on your home network such as other computers, phones, tables, smart TVs and other “smart” devices, all take up capacity on your network. You should turn off or disable any/all devices that you do not need on.

I’ve Turned Everything Off and Still Not Enough?

Try accessing from your mobile phone’s hotspot if you have one. Some cellular hotspots have very fast internet connections. Click here for an article on how to do that.

Or, you can head down to your local coffee shop or similar who provides public wifi. **NOTE – these public areas are not necessarily “secure” to proceed at your own risk, especially if you or your company has guidelines about accessing the internet on public wifi networks.

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